Need HRCI credits? We’ve got you covered.

Today approximately 26 VML Insurance Programs (VMLIP) members will attend a free online webinar entitled Writing Job Descriptions.

Not only will they learn how to: define the purpose of job descriptions; identify the key elements of an effective job description; gather and organize necessary information; write complete, accurate job descriptions; and learn to comply with employment laws – they will also receive HR Certification Institute (HRCI) credits.

VMLIP has been an HCRCI “Approved Provider” since 2008, when VMLIP Director of Human Resources Tina Stevens began offering training to members with Public Official’s Liability Coverage.

To remain an Approved Provider, Stevens successfully completed the renewal application which was approved in November.  VMLIP will remain an Approved Provider through Dec. 31, 2014, when it will be time to re-apply.

“Nearly all of the webinars, workshop and annual meeting presentations, and personalized training I offer are eligible for credit for the HRCI designations of PHR, SPHR, or GPHR,” said Stevens. 

While the average webinar would cost members between $99 and $250 to attend, VMLIP offers an average of 35 webinars a year – FREE. 

“Today the resources of local governments continue to be scarce, while at the same time the need for training to reduce liability costs are more important than ever,” says Stevens.  “Webinars are one way we can deliver effective training at no cost to our members, keeping them informed and helping them stay up-to-date on their accreditations.”

In January Stevens will offer two webinars which are eligible for credit – HR Complaint Investigations and Supervisor Training: FMLA.  VMLIP members can view descriptions and eligible members can register for the webinars at the VMLIP training calendar.

Other training topics offered include Documentation, Hiring Legally, Effectively Interviewing for Supervisors, New Employee Orientations, Performance Appraisals, Progressive Discipline, The Termination Process, and more.

In addition to webinars and training, VMLIP’s HR Services include a review of member materials, such as job postings/descriptions, policies, procedures, corrective actions, performance appraisals, and more.  Stevens also offers HR consultations, sample personnel policies and procedures, sample interview questions and employment posters, a complete HR audit, and more.


  • “HR webinars with Tina have been a tremendous benefit,” said Brian Thrower, manager for the City of Emporia.  “The webinars are quite informative and a great service for smaller localities such as ours that don’t have huge administrative staff and HR departments.  I would encourage any of the smaller localities or any municipalities to utilize the service, it’s great, its free, it’s part of being a member of VML.”
  • “It’s like having an extension of our staff,” said Peter Stephenson, Town Manager of Smithfield.  “We don’t have an HR person with this level of expertise, and it’s not always technical issues we need help with – Tina’s training on motivating employees was excellent, she brings a lot to the table.”

For more testimonials – check out this quick two minute video!


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