VML Insurance Programs recognizes 44 local governmental entities for success in safe driving campaign

– Where the Rubber Meets the Road campaign provides defensive driving training for public entity drivers, reduces incidents, injuries and losses –

Motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of occupational fatalities and the leading cause of death for those aged two to 39 and 50 to 72. Defensive driving courses are key toward providing strategies to reduce collision-related injuries, fatalities and costs.VML Insurance Programs (VMLIP), the first and largest group self-insurance pool in the Commonwealth of Virginia, recognized 44 local governmental entities for their efforts at promoting defensive driving at a banquet on February 27.

The banquet was held to recognize local governments who have reached their goals through VMLIP’s Where the Rubber Meets the Road (WTRMTR) campaign. The campaign began in 2010 to address automobile losses, which account for about half of all claims in the pool.

WTRMTR Banquet“We began this campaign to address safe driving among members of our program – which includes cities, towns, counties, schools, and other governmental entities,” said VMLIP Managing Director Steve Craig. “We began with 15 members participating, and today, we have 46.”

The program requires participating members to provide VMLIP-approved defensive driving training to at least 90 percent of all of their drivers within the first year of joining the campaign.   Every year thereafter, 50 percent of all drivers must receive instructional driver training.  Additionally, they must conduct annual DMV record checks, have a driver selection and retention program in place, and have and enforce a vehicle use policy.

By meeting this goal, the entity not only lowers their insurance costs in terms of reducing risk but also receives a five percent credit on their auto coverage through the pool.

“Since we began the program in 2010, more than 22,000 government drivers have been trained on defensive driving,” said Craig. “And we are seeing results – loss ratios have been cut almost in half from what they were four years ago from the first members who participated in the program.”

IMG_2504_February14VMLIP provides the initial train-the-trainer instruction to members, as well as all of the training materials they will need to achieve their goals. The campaign was created with financial support from VMLIP liability reinsurance carrier ACE.

However, as drivers retire or change job duties VMLIP must continue to encourage the training of new drivers and the provision of refresher courses for current drivers.

For a full listing of all 44 members who have met their first year 90 percent training goal, or who have continued to meet ongoing training requirements and were recognized at the banquet, see below.

Where The Rubber Meets the Road Awards and Recognitions: Bolded entities have achieved their first year goal.  Asterisk indicates certified National Safety Council DDC-4 instructor.

  • Town of Abingdon
    • Charles Fulton, Grounds Foreman *
    • Bill Snodgrass, Lieutenant, Police Department *
  • Alexandria City Public Schools
    • Derrick Fulcher, Health & Safety Specialist
  • Augusta County Service Authority
    • Steve Floyd, Master Driver
    • Gayle Ernst, Director of HR
  • Town of Blacksburg
    • Kit Cummings, Lieutenant, Police Department
    • John O’Shea, Emergency Preparedness/Safety Manager
    • Michael Terry, Operations Trainer
    • Ron Parker, Training & Safety Coordinator/Transit
  • Chesapeake Public Schools
    • Jimmy Brock, Assistant Director of Transportation
  • Danville Public Schools
    • Sandra Dillion, Driver-Trainer *
  • City of Danville
    • Ken Gillie, Planning Director *
    • Chris Goss, Code Enforcement Inspector *
    • Leon Jones, Training and Safety Coordinator *
    • Kermit King, Lieutenant, Fire Department
    • Johnnie Walker, Program Director *
    • Stuart Yeaman, Sergeant, Police Department *
  • Town of Dumfries
    • Michael Fink, Officer, Police Department *
  • Town of Edinburg
  • Fairfax County Water Authority
  • City of Fredericksburg
    • Lisa McMahon, Officer, Police Department *
    • Ronald Newman, Transit Supervisor *
    • Victor Podbielski, Lieutenant, Training Officer Fire Department *
  • Town of Front Royal
    • Monica Dodson, Administrative Assistant, Public Works *
  • Halifax County Service Authority
    • Mark Estes, Director of Operations
  • Hanover County
  • City of Harrisonburg
    • Marissa Keagy, Human Resources Technician
  • Henry County Public Service Authority
    • Tim Byrd, Safety Manager
  • Town of Herndon
    • Jay Choi, Senior Police Officer
    • Ronnie Thompson, Operations Coordinator
  • Town of Lebanon
    • Mark Mitchell, Police Chief *
  • Town of Leesburg
    • Doug Fulcher, Parks Manager
    • Joe Hobbie, Equipment Operator
  • Loudoun County Sanitation Authority dba Loudoun Water
    • Lenny McDonald, Safety Specialist
    • Dennis Welsh, Risk & Safety Specialist
  • City of Manassas
    • Mike Nicholson, Water Department Superintendent *
  • City of Manassas Park
    • Joseph Nieberger, Lieutenant, Fire Department
    • Derek Solomon, Police Officer
    • Sarah Barnett, Supervisor, Parks & Recreation
  • Manassas Park City Schools
    • Patricia Hurley, Director of Transportation
    • Jackie Phillips, Lead Trainer
  • Town of Marion
    • Todd Long, Assistant Town Engineer/Safety
  • Town of Mount Jackson
    • Heather Jadot, Administrative Assistant *
  • New River Resource Authority
    • Brent Williams, Operations Manager
  • City of Petersburg
    • Pete Horne, Education & Safety Training Coordinator *
    • Darius Mason, Transit Police *
    • Ferley Yerby, Sr., Major, Sheriff’s Office*
  • Poquoson City Schools
    • Shirley Martin, Certified Driver Trainer
  • Prince William County Service Authority
    • Melodee Ashley, Safety and Loss Control Program Manager *
  • City of Radford
    • Chris Caldwell, Sergeant, Police Department *
  • Richmond Metropolitan Authority
    • Susan Bane, Supervisor
    • John Morton, Fleet Administrator *
  • Town of South Boston
    • Ray Conner, Lieutenant, Fire Department *
  • Southeastern Public Service Authority
    • John Spivey, Workers’ Compensation Coordinator *
    • Timothy Strickland, Transportation Operations Manager *
  • Spotsylvania County Schools
    • Mona Bender, Trainer *
    • Patricia Hurley, Driver/Trainer
  • Stafford County Schools
    • Ramona Crane, Coordinator, Training and Safety
    • Robert Potter, Driver/Trainer
  • Staunton City Schools
    • Lisa Kisamore, Trainer/Bus Driver
    • Earl McCray, Jr., Director of Operations
  • Suffolk Public Schools
    • James Blow, Zone Supervisor
    • Lonnie Reavis, Coordinator of Transportation
  • City of Suffolk
    • Daniel Huffman, Captain, Fire Department *
    • Rita Ennis, Safety Officer *
    • William (Kenny) Craig, Jr., Master Police Officer, Training Coordinator *
  • Virginia Beach City Public Schools
    • Steve LePock, Occupational Safety/LC Specialist *
    • Bonnie Wolf, Transportation Services Supervisor
  • Westmoreland County
    • Eric Molinares, Sergeant
  • City of Williamsburg
    • Susan Galvin, Major, Police Department
    • Robert Herrmann, Water and Sewer Supervisor
    • Eric Stone, Technology Assistant to the Chief
  • City of Winchester
    • Leonard Bauserman, Captain, Police Department
    • Adam Orndorff, Sergeant, Police Department
  • York County
    • Casey Nance, Risk Manager and Loss Administrator *
    • Marty Tomasek, Health and Safety Coordinator
  • York County Schools
    • Mitch Burnett, Training and Recruitment Specialist

Entities completing their first year training goals can continue receiving the 5 percent premium credit for continuing to train 50 percent of their drivers annually and maintain policy and program elements. For more information on the campaign, visit the VMLIP website at: www.vmlins.org and select “resources.”


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