New Series: Unique Insured Property

As Virginia’s first and largest group self-insurance pools for local governmental entities, VML Insurance Programs (VMLIP) provides auto, property, liability and workers’ compensation coverage to more than 470 local governmental entities throughout the Commonwealth.

As such, VMLIP insures a wide variety of property, buildings and facilities – from schools, town halls, water and wastewater facilities, to jails, libraries, firetrucks, and much more. Some of the insured property we cover is unique or historical in nature – such as the Grand Caverns in the Town of Grottoes.

In this new series, VMLIP will highlight some of the more unique insured items we cover. Today’s blog post focuses on The Edinburg Mill and a historical 1934 Dodge Fire Truck.

Edinburg MillThe Edinburg Mill was one of the few mills in Virginia to survive burning during the Civil War. It was constructed in 1848 by Major George Grandstaff. The mill was targeted for burning by Union General Philip Sheridan – and a large beam was burned – until “local legend dictates” that Nellie and Melvina Grandstaff begged the General to save the mill, who agreed to spare the mill and provided them with a note ordering soldiers to put out the fire.

Edinburg Mill MuseumThe mill operated until 1978 when it closed. It reopened in 1979 as The Edinburg Mill Restaurant, closing again in 1998.

In 2000, the mill was purchased by the Town of Edinburg and the Edinburg Heritage Foundation. It now operates as a museum “dedicated to the history of the town, the history of the mill and the history of transportation in the Shenandoah Valley.”

Learn more here.

The City of Radford’s historic 1934 Dodge fire truck was first sold to the father of City Manager David Ridpath, Benny Ridpath, in 1995.

The truck had four layers of red paint, which were removed and repainted with the original colors the truck was delivered with from Dodge – green and black. The Ridpath family donated it to the Radford Fire Department in 2005. It was then converted to a fire truck by the Oren Fire Truck Company in Roanoke.

Radford FireTruck“This was the second truck of it’s kind built by Dodge,” said Jenni Wilder, public information officer for the city. “It has the serial number two on it.”

The truck has a six-cylinder flat head engine and is used for parades and fire prevention efforts.

“We are so glad to have this in our fire station,” said Wilder.

If your entity has photographs of a unique or historic insured property or equipment you would like to see featured, e-mail:

VMLIP offers more than just coverage.  We are partners in risk management. How does your insurer stack up?  Having all lines of coverage with VMLIP ensures that your organization is receiving comprehensive coverage and a wide variety of value-added services tailored to Virginia’s local governmental entities.  Call for a quote today: (800) 963-6800. For more information on VMLIP visit: or follow us on Facebook.

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