Longtime patient advocate Kathy Foulk retires

Kathy Foulk joined VML Insurance Programs (VMLIP) alongside Greg Dickie, Cathie Moreland-Hasty, and Cat Cunningham. After a combined 22 years working with VMLIP members, first with Hastings/Tapley and then with VML/VMLIP, our first patient advocate is retiring and heading back home to Ohio.

Kathy graduated in May, 1968 from Murray State University in Kentucky with a bachelor of science degree in nursing. A military wife, Foulk practiced nursing in California; Georgia; Kentucky; Ohio; Missouri; and, of course, Virginia.

VMLIP Patient Advocate Kathy Foulk

VMLIP Patient Advocate Kathy Foulk

“The majority of my experience was in medical-surgical and rehabilitation nursing,” said Kathy.

She also spent time as a nursing instructor for John Tyler Community College and as a medical sales consultant promoting specialized durable medical equipment in Maryland and Virginia.

She began working as a rehabilitation nurse case manager in 1992 for Comprehensive Rehab Associates before accepting a position as a patient advocate for VMLIP. She was quickly joined by Lee Bank and two other nurse advocates and went on to become Certified in Case Management.

“It was a small family feel,” said Foulk. “We were all new and it was exciting to start on the ground floor with this new organization.”

Workers Compensation Staff

(Back L t R): Cat Cunningham, Robin Duvall, Kathy Foulk, Mary Ann Faning, Linda Wojcik, Connie Myers, Mary Kay Marchetti, Deborah Briggs, Nancy Crawford, Lee Bank, and Taffy Mitchell

Throughout her career at VMLIP, Foulk has worked with hundreds, if not thousands, of injured workers, assisting them with navigating the complicated medical system.

“Our goal is to help coordinate the best care possible for our members’ injured workers,” said Foulk. “Our ultimate goal is always to help them recover and get back to gainful employment.”

She’s seen a lot of changes throughout her tenure at VMLIP, especially in the area of orthopedic nursing.

“So much of what was a major treatment years ago is outpatient now,” she said.

In retirement, Foulk plans to settle back home in Ohio. She has a daughter in Portland, Oregon and a son in the Baltimore area; however he and his wife are also moving to Ohio so she can pursue employment with the Cleveland Clinic.

“I have been fortunate to have worked with some of the best adjusters in the industry, along with many resourceful and professional case managers,” Foulk said. “But I am excited to go home – I have no idea what I’m going to do besides reunite with old friends, but I’m excited at the possibilities.”

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