About VML Insurance Programs

VML Insurance Programs (VMLIP) is the first and largest group self insurance pool in the Commonwealth of Virginia. For more than 35 years VMLIP has provided auto, property, liability, and workers’ compensation coverage to more than 470 local political subdivisions across Virginia.

VMLIP’s programs are designed to meet the needs of all Virginia local governments – from the smallest to the largest. VMLIP provides comprehensive risk management program support, human resources, communications, and law enforcement expertise and consulting, and more to members who contribute more than $54 million in annual contributions to the pool.

The pool’s staff includes three safety professionals, two registered nurses, a former police officer, one certified human resources professional, a communication specialist, and a team of seasoned claims representatives and underwriters.

VMLIP is governed by a Members’ Supervisory Board comprised of eight elected or appointed officials from member jurisdictions and the executive director of the Virginia Municipal League. The board meets four times each year to establish goals, set rates, adopt a budget and handle other pool business.

As Virginia’s insurance pools are assessable it is vital that entities have their coverage with an organization that is financially secure. With assets greater than $209 million and members’ equity of more than $98 million, VMLIP is the most financially secure self insurance pool in Virginia. VMLIP contracts with nationally recognized money managers, actuaries, financial and claims auditors to ensure that members’ insurance dollars are maximized and risks mitigated.

If you would like more information about VML Insurance Programs please contact Jeff Cole, director of member services at: (800) 963-6800.



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